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Concert at church

March 3, 2009

Meals on Wheels had a fund raiser at our church the other night.  Carrie Newcomer a folksinger from Indiana with a deep alto voice sang songs about all the little things that make life holy; tickets were $15.  During intermission you could buy a ziploc bag with three home-made cookies or a small bottle of water for a dollar.  Friends from all different parts of my life were there and I got to introduce them to each other.  Friends from other parts of Craig’s life where there and I got to meet them.  I usually sit in the front during church and Craig sings in the choir, but for this show we sat in the back, together, with his arm around me.  I got to see the church from a whole different perspective.


Bob Dylan and Vincent Price: Separated at Birth?

January 18, 2009

bob-dylan1 vincent-price0101


January 14, 2009

Went to the spring faculty meeting today in Roxy Grove Hall. My row-mates and I (or at least I) entertained ourselves with an interesting word,  “expungement,” found at the bottom of the Office of Academic Integrity report. Here’s how we worked it out, to be a “Punge” must be very bad, therefore to be an “Ex-Punge” would be an improvement. “Expungement” would then be the process of elevating oneself out of pungeitude. But what does it mean to be a punge or pungitudinous? Maybe a punge is a person given to pungency? You might become an ex-punge then by taking a bath or putting on some deodorant, or in desperate times masking your punge-hood with cologne (not recommended – often makes the problem worse — resulting in hyper-pungidity).

Or maybe a “punge” is a person given to overuse of puns? Or even someone unnaturally attracted to Sponge Bob Squarepants? This is what’s great about working at a university: there are actually people who will sit and have conversations like this with you, at least if you have them blocked into your row at the faculty meeting.

Wonderful What-a-burger

January 7, 2009

This morning was cold and rainy and nasty.  I stopped by What-a-burger on my way to work (like I do almost every morning).  As I walked in the door, Montrel, the wonderful man working the counter, was already handing me a cup for my medium Diet Coke.  “Morning Love!” he said, between taking orders on his headset.   A friendly face at What-a-burger can get even the nastiest day off to a good start.

A day with friends

January 3, 2009

Spent all day yesterday working on a T-shirt quilt with Marilyn and Deb.  It took all three of us to figure out how to get the bobbin winder to work.  We spread the quilt out on the floor and as we all worked on bits and pieces of it Deb observed that one of her favorite things about doing this was noticing that none of the three of us were willing to bend our knees to reach down to the quilt, because we all know that if we do that we will never stand up again.  Sure enough — there we were — three butts in the air.    What a great day!  What a great life!